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Hello, I'm Dua, a professional Architecture and Interior Photographer based in Dubai.

After obtaining my Master’s Degree in Architecture from ENSA Paris La Villette, I worked over 10 years at renowned architectural firms in Paris and Dubai, contributing to several award-winning projects.

As an interior and architecture photographer with an architect background, my work represents the perfect combination of my two lifetime passions.

Building on my educational and professional background, I understand my clients' visions profoundly, and I am able to find the perfect composition and perspective that highlight the best aspects of their interior and exterior projects. 

My photos are not just images and visuals; they are an immersive experience, recreating the story, mood, and emotion that my clients embed within the spaces they conceive.

As an architect, I breathed life into buildings. Now, as a photographer, I immortalize their souls. 

Welcome to my world, where architecture is not just a profession or a passion, but a beautiful tale narrated through the eloquence of photography.

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